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Big Hope in the Big Land

After 30+ hours of travelling via bus and boat, you often expect to find yourself in an entirely different place of the world when you arrive at your destination. For our YC Missions team all of this travelling just brought us to another part of the province – but it felt like another part of…

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Youth Breakaway 2 – Uprising On August 17, over 240 young people, including 13 from Elim, gathered at the Emmanuel Convention Center for their annual summer camp, Youth Breakaway. The theme this year was Uprising. For most people the word uprising has a negativity surrounding it, rebellion, revolt, and resistance. We often picture people who…


My AC is Broken

Not a cloud in the sky and 30 degrees, not your typical weather here in St. John’s. It’s been an especially terrible summer. July has been one of the coldest in decades and it’s grabbing attention. A headline in The Globe and Mail read, Newfoundland’s Miserable Summer. As the article said, when Newfoundlanders say the…

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