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Hundreds of people stood in line-ups yesterday in search of bargains, black Friday bargains.  Deep discounts on television sets and other electronic gear prompted people to wait outside big box stores all night, waiting to cash in when the stores opened early morning.  It’s that time of the year for making a list and checking…


Beautiful Mess

If you have a garage or shed, you most likely know what a mess looks like. Of course, no matter how big your shed is, it’s not big enough. And, the mess in your shed is usually in direct proportion to the size of your shed.  A couple of Saturday’s ago, I decided it was…


Groups Matter

Groups matter to our church. From the 12 people Jesus called and trained as learners, to the church in Acts to our church today, believers have always thrived in community. Lifeway Research conducted a survey with close to 3,000 protestant churches and found that groups play an important role in the spiritual lives of the…

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