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prayer hopeless

The Praying-but-Hopeless Church

In Acts 12, author Luke provides somewhat of a funny scene in the middle of serious one. James, one of the church leaders, has been murdered. Peter is arrested and waiting the same fate. But the church goes to prayer for Peter. This is the same church that had seen tangible displays of God’s power….

sore eyes

A Sight for Sore Eyes!

Here are Elim we are journeying through the book of Acts. In verse 19 of Acts chapter 11, Luke shifts the focus of the Christian witness to the church at Antioch. Antioch was a great, thriving, crowded, cosmopolitan city. Luke tells us that that many people, non-Jews, were turning to faith in Jesus Christ. Because…

last day of winter

The Last Day of Winter

On my drive into the office this morning I heard these welcomed words, today is the last day of winter! Show me the love button! It certainly doesn’t feel like springtime is just around the corner. It’s been an eventful winter here in St. John’s but for a moment this morning I thought about all…

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