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Will work for Salvation

When I was a teenager and about to start my first summer job, my father gave me this advice, ‘stay busy, look busy, and show some initiative’. It was good advice.  Of course, we all know people who have, what I call, an initiative deficiency. Martin was a slow worker and found it difficult to…

Converge YYT

A Generation Converging on YYT

Have you ever anticipated something so much that when it actually happened it seemed like a dream? Tuesday, September 22 was much like that for many of our young adults. That evening we launched our new young adults’ movement called CONVERGE YYT. This was a dream God placed in the hearts of some of the…


Big Hope in the Big Land

After 30+ hours of travelling via bus and boat, you often expect to find yourself in an entirely different place of the world when you arrive at your destination. For our YC Missions team all of this travelling just brought us to another part of the province – but it felt like another part of…

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