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19 Campers and Counting

Categories: Children,Pastor's Pen

kidsRockCampBanner While most of you last week were probably on vacation and spending time in the sun, (ha) 10 leaders and 19 campers loaded their luggage on a bus and traveled across the island to Camp Emmanuel in Lewisporte expecting a sleepless, adventurous, three days of Kids Rock Camp.

Kids Rock Camp has been a fantastic event that happens once a year on the ECC campgrounds for children ages 7-12. This year we had tons of fun; massive water balloon fights, silly string sprayed all over our hair and clothes, barbecue sauce spread across chaperones cars, and toothpaste on our door handles as we were about to enter our room. Each child goes to this camp expecting a great time and wanting it to last longer.

kidsRockCampBut, not only are the pranks fun and the chicken nuggets and fries tasty, we also had fantastic kid sessions, tailored to the children’s needs and speaking on their level. Each session challenged the children to learn more about God.

The speaker of the camp, Pastor Carla Clarke, mentioned that it takes 21 days to form a habit, good or bad, 21 days. Then she mentioned how there are 21 chapters in the book of John. So, the children were challenged to read one chapter of John each day. Now, I’m betting some adults wouldn’t even be able to perform this task, but children are full of wonder and filled with passion. Not even a half hour after the service our girls sat down outside and each individually took turns reading the first chapter of John. To my surprise, despite the chaos of children running back and forth outside and noises coming from left and right; all the girl’s eyes were glued to the Word of God and following along verse by verse.

kidsRockCamp2A child’s world is fresh, new, beautiful, full of wonder and filled with excitement. Their excitement for God’s Word was refreshing and contagious. Why don’t you take the challenge and open your hearts to what God is saying to us through His Word.

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