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Groups Matter

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growthGroupMinistryGroups matter to our church. From the 12 people Jesus called and trained as learners, to the church in Acts to our church today, believers have always thrived in community. Lifeway Research conducted a survey with close to 3,000 protestant churches and found that groups play an important role in the spiritual lives of the people in our churches. Here are some highlights as they concern spiritual disciplines:

  • 67% of regular group attenders read their Bible regularly versus only 27% among non-group members.
  • 64% of regular group attenders pray for their church and/or church leaders regularly. Only 30% of non-group attenders do.
  • 82% of group attenders pray for fellow Christians versus 54% of non-group attenders.
  • 79% of group attenders confess sins to God and ask forgiveness. 54% of non-group attenders do this.

People actively involved in group’s exhibit more spiritual growth than those who are not. In other words, group involvement and discipleship correlate. As Ed Stetzer writes, Groups matter, and it’s important that churches effectively establish and assess them.

We believe that spiritual growth develops best from two basic commitments:

  • A commitment to God and the Bible
  • A commitment to significant Christian relationships

On September 28, we will be starting a new small group initiative at Elim called Growth Groups. These “sermon-based” Growth Groups will meet weekly to share, study God’s word, ask questions and support one another spiritually.  We believe that the simplest and best tool for connecting people to one another and engaging them with the Bible for the long haul is home based study groups.

We need to create and grow a thriving group culture here at Elim. We invite you to join us on this journey.

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Pastor Russell
Author: Pastor Russell

Pastor Russell is currently serving as the Lead Pastor at Elim Pentecostal Tabernacle. You can follow him on Twitter at @rgbartlett.