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Mom’s & Tots Playgroup


A community playgroup for moms, caregivers and kids 5 and younger.

Wednesday’s 10am – 12pm

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Join a weekly home Bible study group and get connected.

Resuming February 5th


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Great Music via Spotify

If you haven’t discovered Spotify yet, check it out! It’s a great source of free music including Christian albums.

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Worship with Us

Sundays services starting at at 11:00am and 6:00pm.

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Pastor’s Pen

Early Church Landmarks

I turned 39 this summer and I can’t remember a time when the local church wasn’t a big part of my life. There is a tendency that those of us who have been attending church for a long time need to be cautious about. That tendency is to identify church only by what we saw…

When Does Middle Age Begin?

I often stop to think about how quickly time passes. I turned 39 this past summer. Given the average life expectancy, I suppose I’m just about middle age now. Soon time to buy a Harley. According to one survey of 2,000 adults one is middle aged if they enjoy afternoon naps, moan when they bend…

Airport Run

I did an early morning airport run today. It was still dark, quiet, and best of all no traffic delays. St. John’s is a different city at 5AM. After dropping off our weekend ministry guest at the airport, I picked up a coffee and decided to head back to the office. It was there I…

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