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A Step in the Right Direction

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Well, it’s early in the New Year and many of us want to improve something. The New Year is a time for scribbling down resolutions, for making new goals.  And most New Year’s resolutions have something to do with self-improvement; and more specifically, our waistlines. Before the fireworks announce the New Year on New Year’s Eve, we have already determined to buy more broccoli and eat fewer chips; to have more salad, and skip more desserts.

elim_sermons_aStepInTheRightDirectionAs concerned as we should be about our physical health, we should also be concerned about our spiritual health. In fact, I would suggest that our spiritual health influences the other areas of our lives.  As we stand on tip toe, gazing into the unknown of 2015, I want you to understand that the best way to genuine, lasting change, begins by taking a step in the right direction, followed by a daily discipline of other small steps. The best shot you and I have at realizing lasting change happens one small step at a time. It is a commitment to small things, small steps, that compounds our effectiveness.


So how do we learn to walk with God? How do we cooperate with the Spirit in such a way that God’s character is growing in us? I talked about this in a message, A Step in the Right Direction. You can listen to that message here. (It should be posted shortly following the service)

The single greatest habit you can form to grow you faith is a devotional habit. I want to encourage you in these early weeks of 2015 to take a step towards renewing a regular quiet time with God. The practices of age old spiritual disciplines softens the heart and makes us more mouldable in the hands of God.

In an effort to help you take a step in the right direction, I want to share with you some tools that have helped me in developing a devotional habit.  Please see the links highlighted in the sermon below.


Bible-app-icon-english-144x144YouVersion Bible App

Bible Reading Plans


Today in the Word.org

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Pastor Russell
Author: Pastor Russell

Pastor Russell is currently serving as the Lead Pastor at Elim Pentecostal Tabernacle. You can follow him on Twitter at @rgbartlett.